It's Free, Free, and Free! Taiwan's WiFi Guide

Last Updated: 201601

Internet has officially become a living essential for modern travelers today, and the most common choice is to purchase a SIM card or number. However, is there an option where travelers don’t have to spend money? Of course there is, and in Taiwan the three major types of free WiFi we’re about to provide are actually accessible and convenient to foreign travelers. Most of your hostels and hotels are equipped with strong internet service, many of the public stations or convenient stores also offer this service now. So if you’re not an internet addict that has to watch every new YouTube video or check-in wherever you go, then you don’t actually need to spend money on purchasing internet! Below are the three common types o free WiFi you can access throughout Taiwan’s cities.

  1. iTaiwan
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Food First, Family Second - How To Eat A Traditional Meal

Every journey, I’ve always looked forward to the chance of a meal with the locals, it’s always the little details that can reveal the big picture about this country and society. After all, no matter where you live and what you do, we all have to have at least three meals a day. The little details and customs on the dining table, is where I find the best entrance into the local culture.

nullPhoto credit: via VisualHunt / CC BY-ND
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Flashpackers: Flashy Backpackers? Or What?

We’ve all heard of backpacking, backpackers, the extended version of backpack-something culture. These are the ones who tough out their travel with a gigantic backpack, doesn’t mind sharing a room with twelve difference other people, and likes to travel many non-mainstream destinations tour group shy away from. They are brave, travel nomads who sold everything to hit the road, and would sacrifice living quality to see as many sights as possible. It sounds like a challenging way of travel, a dream for the office desk workers, an unreachable dream for those not mind or physically strong.

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Your usual backpackers with a bursting backpack. Photo Credit: Ktoine via Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

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Stay Connected in Taiwan: Mobile Prepaid Data Plans

Last Updated: 201601

Firefox Mobile

It’s no doubt that we’re more attached to our mobiles devices and internet more than we’ve ever been in the past. So when you’re traveling in Taiwan, how do you connect to the world? We’ve put together a comparison between the five major carriers’ plans for you to find something that fits your needs!

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Traveling in Taiwan: Trains

Last Updated: 201601

One of the most classic way to travel a country is to hop on a train and experience the scenery along the way. To move between Taiwan’s cities, your best bet is to take the trains if driving in narrow and chaotic roads doesn’t sound your travel style. It’s a cheap and convenient method to move between non-major cities without getting traumatized by the traffic. This article is focused on getting you familiar with Taiwan Railway’s routes, prices, how to ride it, and some special things to keep an eye out for.

暖暖車站TRA Puyuma Trains(TEMU2000 。Photo by billy1125, CC: BY

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Food First, Family Second - Breakfasts in Taiwan


If traveling in Taiwan, don’t ever waste your time or stomach on the hotel’s breakfast, because you’ll regret badly later whether it’s that your full or have gained too many pounds upon returning home. Head out and let the dazzling assortment of breakfast options on the street kick off your foodie travel of the day!
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Cheap flights at a glance! HelloWings: Step by step how to

Cheap flights at a glance

We all want cheap flights, but deals are hard to scour on the Internet. HelloWings Budget get you all the deals combined in one spot, comparing deals and save even more!

The Comparison Designed for Backpackers

Find your customized deal, then decide the date of departure. HelloWings Budget makes sure you get the best deal on the best date. We don’t need you to register for a username or log in to anything. Simply find where you want to go and where you’re leaving from, click the search button then it’s done.

cheap flights at a glance! HelloWings
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