TPE Airport MRT: Tutorial from Terminal 1

Visitors to Taiwan have long been using the Guoguang highway buses running every 15mins or so between TPE airport and Taipei main station. And it is an endless wait for many passengers who land during the popular and busy time of the day. Now, after years of debate and construction, the Taoyuan Airport MRT is finally open to the public! The MRT officially opened in February but was only available to selected group tours, and starting from 3/1, the MRT is open to the public and is currently having the promotion of 50% off all ticket prices. So right now a single way 30 minute ride from Taoyuan airport to Taipei cost NT 80 which is roughly 2.5 USD, can’t beat that price! Here’s a step by step picture for the actual ride from airport to Taipei main station. Video coming soon.

Note: this is a tutorial for Terminal 1 of Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)

Step 1: Walk from the arrival hall back to the departure hall.
Not a great picture, but if you’ve never flown out of Taoyuan airport before, this is roughly what the departure hall looks like.

TPE departure area

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Traveling in Taiwan: Taxis

Last Updated: 201601


Backpackers will usually choose public transportations such as metros or buses when it comes to traveling abroad due to the budget issue. But if you are more of a night owl or traveling a more remote area, then you might still run into the situation of riding a taxi. So we're going to introduce in this article the rates of taxis and things to watch out for in Taiwan.
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Traveling in Taiwan: MRT Metro

Last Updated: 201601

For tourists, subways are probably the most reliable and convenient tools to ride within Taipei and Kaosiung two major urban area. Taiwanese people categorize the public transportation by TRA, THSR, and other rail systems that move within the city area is commonly called MRT (Metro Rapid Transit).

Kaohsiung Metro Formosa Boulevard StationKaohsiung Metro Formosa Boulevard Station Dome of Light。Photo by Chi-Hung Lin, CC: BY-SA

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Traveling in Taiwan: Car Rentals

Last Updated: 201601

photo by Nicholas A. Tonelli
photo by Nicholas A. Tonelli

Taipei is commonly recognized as the capital and the place to go for foreign travelers due to its convenient public transportation system and population density. However, for the adventurous spirit and advanced backpackers, the rest of the island is actually not as hard as imagined to be reached. Taiwan’s Highway system is rather complete and sophisticated, almost any sights and parks can be reached through the road system. With the added benefits of acceptable gasoline prices and well maintained surface, driving could be a good alternative when planning your travel to this beautiful island.

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