Traveling in Taiwan: Taxis

Last Updated: 201601


Backpackers will usually choose public transportations such as metros or buses when it comes to traveling abroad due to the budget issue. But if you are more of a night owl or traveling a more remote area, then you might still run into the situation of riding a taxi. So we're going to introduce in this article the rates of taxis and things to watch out for in Taiwan.
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7-Eleven and FamilyMart Wifi Sign-Up Tutorial

In our last article, we've introduced Taiwan's Free WiFis. Unfortunately, both the FamilyMart and 7-Eleven's Wifi Registration page doesn't provide an English version. Therefore we've written this article in the hopes of helping out our friends that doesn't read Mandarin to enjoy such an awesome free service. This ultimate guide will ensure you're able to signup without knowing Mandarin.

7-Eleven ibon-WiFi

Step 1: Connect to the ibon-WiFi on your device then it will be automatically transfer to the Login/Register page. First time users please click the register button.
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It's Free, Free, and Free! Taiwan's WiFi Guide

Last Updated: 201601

Internet has officially become a living essential for modern travelers today, and the most common choice is to purchase a SIM card or number. However, is there an option where travelers don’t have to spend money? Of course there is, and in Taiwan the three major types of free WiFi we’re about to provide are actually accessible and convenient to foreign travelers. Most of your hostels and hotels are equipped with strong internet service, many of the public stations or convenient stores also offer this service now. So if you’re not an internet addict that has to watch every new YouTube video or check-in wherever you go, then you don’t actually need to spend money on purchasing internet! Below are the three common types o free WiFi you can access throughout Taiwan’s cities.

  1. iTaiwan
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Stay Connected in Taiwan: Mobile Prepaid Data Plans

Last Updated: 201601

Firefox Mobile

It’s no doubt that we’re more attached to our mobiles devices and internet more than we’ve ever been in the past. So when you’re traveling in Taiwan, how do you connect to the world? We’ve put together a comparison between the five major carriers’ plans for you to find something that fits your needs!

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