Airport Free WiFi Map World Wide

WiFi has become the single most important essential at the airport besides water, and probably a chair. But some airports post strict requirements about time of usage, number of devices, and if you want a stable internet experience then it’s the hefty bill of international roaming that comes with it.

airport free wifi map

Anil Polat, a tech-savvy travel blogger has created a map full of worldwide airport’s free WiFi tricks. From the location to sit for best signal to how to tweak the passwords, it’s all you need to kill time in that long waiting time to board on the next flight. The offline version is made into an app and available for $1.99 on Android and iOS. However, if you are willing to update the map manually before each trip then store it on your phone, this map is offered to you for free! Here’s how:
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Tips for Planning Road Trips(Hokkaido Case Study)

As promised, I will be writing an entry to share several tips on how to effectively plan for a road trip overseas. Although it has been 7 months overdue but.. better late than never ?

Just to share, this self-drive Hokkaido trip is my first ever road trip with friends (been on one with the family in Perth when I was really young) and I was not the driver. Nevertheless, I guess it doesn’t matter since this post is about “planning” and not “driving”, which is kind of like my forte (I feel). Alright, here we go.
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Backpacker's Tool Pack: Universal Adapters & Extension Cords

They say the ancients live among rivers, source of life. Today, backpackers live(or lay down) among electrical sockets, our source of life.

Travel Essentials International Adapters 220V Extension cord reviews and suggestionsThis is Spa on Air's shared community room in South Korea's Incheon Airport, pretty viable option for resting at the airport.

At the age of mobile device, you may forget the keys and wallet, but never your phone and powerbanks. Otherwise, various nerve-racking symptoms await you, those seriously ill may even feel false vibrations and notification sound from their bag, it's bad.

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Backpacker's Tool Pack: Customized Off-Line Map

On the rare occasion you've found out that you have a good length vacation, when thinking about flying out of the country for a quick escape
What would you do next?

Some people visit travel forums such as Tripadvisor for inspirations; some people use keywords to google travel journeys; others refer to the itinerary of the travel agents. All of this work and channels are for the first and foremost important step of traveling: choosing a destination.
As for me who's busy but always bored enough to think about where I'd go on the next trip, of course there's a bucket list ready for different types of vacations I get at work. Then? It's off to plan a virtual map of my travel itinerary!

Therefore, this article will mainly be about me sharing some of my favorite map tools when planning a backpacking get away. It's my effort of initiation for our readers to join the discussion and share their favorite tools and tips. We also hope other map creating fans can share their tips. The items introduced below will be in the trip planning order and the time where you'd use it.
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