Can’t Wait to Play Pokémon GO?! Japan is Opening Soon.

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Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO has been the craze all over the world, catching Pokémons buying groceries, driving, and jumping off a cliff?!
But, sadly Pokémon GO isn’t open yet to most(if any) of the Asian countries due to server crashing issues.Ugh.
There is one place in Asia that many fans are looking forward to: Japan.As the birth place of Pokémons, many would’ve expect Japan to be on the list of first launches. Unfortunately, not the case.

But now, Pokemon Go for Japan might actually have a hint of hope coming soon!

Niantic’s marketing representative, Kento Suga, tweeted asking for the Japanese fans to be patient for the game release. Niantic’s Chief Executive Officer John Hanke also revealed that Japan’s server load is one of the reason inhibiting Pokemon Go to return to its original birthplace, but it’s expecting to be released at the end of July.

Catching Latias at Tokyo Tower
Pokemon Latias on Tokyo Tower

Even though some critics are estimating a release date of September or so, it’s still improvement from John Hanke’s statement on that China and Korea will most likely be kept out of the map.

Wait, End of July?! That’s like 10 days away….

Let's Fly to Japan to Catch Pokémons!

With summer being Japan’s peak season of traveling and tourism, you’ll have more than enough to do in catching cute Pokémons across different temples and destinations.

Even better, HelloWings got you covered for the ticket:
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Find Eevee at Meiji’s Shrine
Pokemon Eevee at Meiji Temple Shrine Japan

See you soon at Pokémons GO’s Gymnasium! and fingers crossed for more Asian countries to be released soon!

*All Pokémon Images are credited to Nintendo and Niantic, photos credited to their original authors.



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