Lantern Festival: The End of Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year, or sometimes known as Chinese New Year, is the annual celebration where family members chat and share lives with each other, enjoying the feel of surrounded by family. Because it's not technically the one day holiday such as Thanksgiving and Christmas that you'd typically see in the western society, Lunar New Year celebration is close to a month worth of celebrating. Even though technically there's only one New Year. In the articles last week we introduced the list of events and holidays within the Lunar New Year celebration; however with the list being so long and complicated, lantern festival was mentioned but not explained in depth.

Lantern Festival Photo by Ting W. Chang. CC:BY-SA
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The Complete Lunar New Year Guide Pt.2


Custom 6: January 1 (Lunar) Spring is Officially in Action

Firecrackers are lit during the countdown to new year to drive away the creature Nian who used to scare the farmers. By the morning of January 1st, everyone, and I mean probably include your mom’s dog she walks everyday, goes out and greets everyone they know from friends, neighbors, to the bosses they usually hate. However, women who are married are traditionally not allowed or shun on for going back their original family on this day as they are considered a part of their husband's family instead of their original family.
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The Complete Lunar New Year Guide Pt.1

0202_FBPost_Frame_LNY-pt-1 Photo by Jennifer. CC:BY-SA.

Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Trees, and New Year Shopping Spree, Lunar New Year rolls around the corner after the so called western holiday season.

It’s no doubt that many of the traditional holidays have been forgotten or transformed into something more profitable for the corporates. However, there should still be some respect paid to these holidays that has such a significant importance as the cultural heritage of our society.

Lunar New Year is a series of holiday that even in today’s culture not widely celebrated as it was perhaps ten years ago. Many of the younger generations take the holiday as a free vacation instead of a day to remember their cultural heritage. It’s also a great way for foreigners to touch the roots of a culture directly when traveling abroad.

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