Where's the Northernmost Airport on the Island of Taiwan?

Mapping maniacs here we go!
A tricky question, where's the northernmost airport of Taiwan>
5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Got your answers ready?!
To be asking this question, it means the answer that most people will instinctually choose, Songshan Airport (TSA), is incorrect. What comes up next in people's head would be: "Wait, so northern Taiwan has recently build another airport?"

Let's take out the map for an answer!

Apparently, Taiwan's most northern two airports are in Matsu, they are Beigan Airport (MFK) and Nangang Airport (LZN)

However, if you're looking at the island of Taiwan itself, then zoom in to the northern part of Taiwan:

Taoyuan Airport's marking spot is definitely north of Songshan Airport! Even if just by a little tiny bit!

Let's check out the airports' ARPs (Aerodrome Reference Point) for reference:
Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) 25°04'49"N 121°13'56"E
Taipei Songshan International Airport (TSA) 25°04'11"N 121°33'09"E

Taoyuan and Songshan airports' latitudes are nearly identical to the last two digits!
But Taoyuan Airport still wins by slight advantage and becomes the correct answer!

Are you familiar with all 17 airports on the island?
The most Eastern airport in Taiwan: Lanyu Airport(KYD)
The most Southern airport in Taiwan: Hengchun Airport(HCN)
The most Western airport in Taiwan: Kinmen Airport(KNH)
The most Northern airport in Taiwan: Beigan Airport(MFK)

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