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For tourists, subways are probably the most reliable and convenient tools to ride within Taipei and Kaosiung two major urban area. Taiwanese people categorize the public transportation by TRA, THSR, and other rail systems that move within the city area is commonly called MRT (Metro Rapid Transit).

Kaohsiung Metro Formosa Boulevard StationKaohsiung Metro Formosa Boulevard Station Dome of Light。Photo by Chi-Hung Lin, CC: BY-SA

Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation(MRT)

2015 Taipei MRT Route Map after the construction finished.Image by Lzmxya


Taipei Metro can be grouped into the followings:

  • Line 1 (Brown): Wenhu Line
  • Line 2 (Red): Tamsui-Xinyi Line
  • Line 3 (Green): Songshan-Xindian Line
  • Line 4 (Orange): Zhonghe-Xinlu Line
  • Line 5 (Blue): Bannan Line

There's no need to exit the station when you're making a transfer between each line, and except Line 4 transferring to Line 1, passengers only have to make one transfer maximum to reach the destination. There's also the Maokong Gondola that's not part of MRT but also under the supervision of TRTC
Some routes have different types of train routes therefore some trains don't go all the way to the terminal station while other trains go from terminal to terminal. If your destination is farther off the central area, then check the train routes before you board.

  • Line 1 (Brown)
    • Terminal to Terminal: Taipei Zoo – Nangang Exhibition Center
  • Line 2 (Red)
    • Terminal to Terminal: Tamsui -- Xiangshan
    • Partial Service: Beitou -- Daan
    • Branch Side: Beitou -- Xinbeitou
  • Line 3 (Green)
    • Terminal to Terminal: Songshan -- Xindian
    • Partial Service: Songshan – Taipower Building
    • Branch Side: Qizhang -- Xiaobitan
  • Line 4 (Orange)
    • Terminal to Terminal: Nanshijiao – Huilong, Nanshijiao -- Luzhou
  • Line 5 (Bannan)
    • Terminal to Terminal: Nangang Exhibition Center -- Dingpu
    • Partial Service: Nangang Exhibition Center – Far Eastern Hospital

Types of Tickets

Listed below are some of the more commonly used metro ticket types, if you want to ride metro with a bike that's acceptable as well.

  • One-Way Ticket: You can purchase the ticket in a coin form at any station's ticketing machine, valid only on the day purchased.
  • Smart Card: If you're not planning a trip entirely based on metro stops, then using a Easycard or iPass would be your best choice.
    • Can be purchased at each MRT stations or convenience stores
    • No matter how short or long your trip, it's 20% off the ticket price.
    • If you're transferring between MRT and buses, there's a discount for the first hour (NT.8)
  • Bike One Way Ticket: Purchasable at the information center of the station, it's NT 80 flat rate regardless of where you're going
    • Only the bigger bikes that need to purchase the ticket
    • Only sold on Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays from 6:00am to close
    • Passengers with bikes are allowed to exit or transfer at any stationsbesidesTamsui, Taipei Main Station, Daan, Zhongxiao Fuxing, Nanjing Fuxing, and all stations on Wenhu Line 1
    • If bringing along a folding bicycle, you can simply pack it and put it in the storage bag to avoid the flat rate price for common bicycles.
  • Day/Hour Passes
Types One-Day Pass Taipei Metro 24/48/72 Hour Pass EasyCard Tourist Passport
Price $150 $ 180 / 280 / 380 $ 180 / 310 / 440 / 700
Time Same Day 24 / 48 / 72 Hours 1 / 2 / 3 /5 Days
Riding Range Taipei Metro MRT Taipei Metro MRT, Buses with Taipei Pass Stickers (Within Taipei City and New Taipe City)

The ticket prices search and time of operation pleaseclick here.

KRTC Kaohsiung Metro

Kaohsiung Metro Route Map, Taken from KRTC.


  • Line Red: Gangshan South -- Siaogang
  • Line Orange: Sizihwan -- Daliao
  • Line Green (Loop): Lizihnei <–> Kaisyuan Jhonghua (Line Green is still under operation testing phase 1, is scheduled to open in 2016)

Types of Tickets

Kaohsiung Metro's ticket types are pretty similar to Taipei Metro, here's the lsit:

  • One-Way Ticket: Can be purchased at the ticket machine of the station, valid on the day bought.
  • Smart Card:
    • Right now the only option is iPass, but is still the most convenient option so far
    • Can be purchased at each metro stations or at any convenience store
    • No matter how far and often you ride, it's 25% off the ticket price
    • If you transfer from or to C- Bike within 30 minutes, there's a NT. 4 discount
    • If you transfer from or to Kaohsiung's Fare Zone bus within two hours, there's a NT.6 discount
  • Bicycle Ticket
    • Can be bought at the information center, it's flat rate NT. 60 regardless of length and time
    • Bicycles are allowed at all stations on the Orange and Red lines, but can only board on the first cabin of the train.
    • If you're bring along a foldable bike, simply pack it into the bag and carry it onto the train as a normal baggage.
  • Day Pass
    • 1 Day Pass for NT. 150, 2 Day Pass for NT. 250
    • Need to purchase an iPass first then set it up at the information center, or simply purchase and set up together at the information center counter.
    • For Kaohsiung Metro only.

The prices and hours of operation between stations can be foundhere.

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