How Do Planes Land Themselves?

S2-ADK Airbus A310-324 Biman Bangladesh Airlines Landing

When you’re looking for a ticket on, you might’ve seen this icon before:
Hellowings search result

The icon that resembles the airplane descending and landing time following the iconLanding Icon, this icon is actually an incorrect demonstration, most airplanes won’t touch the ground in the position indicated by the icon.

In most case, civil aircrafts will lift the nose of the plane slightly at the last moment before getting ready to land on the runway, in order to increase the elevation angle. This is also done intentionally to ensure that the main wheels will land first, instead of what the icon above suggest where the nose landed first onto the runway.

Even though we know perfectly well that this icon isn’t exactly what the original indication is, but it’s still common use due to the icon’s familiarity with the icon. Just keep in mind that the icon might not be how you want to land a plane.

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